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Stephanie Fox for PA Congress

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a lifelong resident of Allegheny County and is the proud mother of four teenage children. She understands the impact the rising of the costs of inflation, and lack of prevailing wage jobs is having on working and low income families. 

Stephanie is an inspirational leader who tells stories that prompt action. Throughout her career as an advocate for disadvantaged women and children, she has had to rebuild families and communities through hard work and dedication to serving a mission that is greater than her.

Stephanie Fox

Jobs & Economy

We must double down on economic basics like science, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We also need a strong commitment to education, updating and enhancing our current policies and programs to focus on training the next generation of workers to compete in a global economy.


We must also address factors that lead to increased health care costs by reducing consumer costs in the individual marketplace and continuing to implement delivery system reforms. Our goal should be simple: Every American deserves affordable, high-quality health care.


At a time when more and more jobs require some form of higher education, we simply cannot allow soaring costs to be a barrier to opportunity. because our future success as  a nation depends on making sure that quality education is accessible and affordable.

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