About Stephanie Fox

Stephanie Fox is a Proud Democrat who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives to strengthen the agenda laid out by our President. She will make sure our Region has the funding we deserve to improve our roads and bridges, to fund our students so that they can become the future leaders we need, to protect our environment while creating good union jobs, and to reduce the costs of prescription drugs. Stephanie is going to roll up her sleeves and get the job done!

Stephanie is an inspirational leader who tells stories that prompt action. Throughout her career as an advocate for disadvantaged women and children, she has had to rebuild families and communities through hard work and dedication to serving a mission that is greater than her. She is respected as a credible voice in her profession for her decision-making abilities, for collaborating with strategic financing partners, and establishing high standards of success. Stephanie Fox makes a difference in so many lives.

Stephanie is a lifelong resident of Allegheny County who grew up in a union household. Her father, a Navy veteran, worked at the power plant at the Heinz facility in the Northside and is a retiree of UFCW Local 1776 Keystone, and her mother was a paraprofessional who worked in the Baldwin School District and is a member of the PSEA. As a girl, Stephanie learned about service from the nuns who taught her the value of taking care of others through kindness and a hopeful spirit. Her humble roots put her on a path to become the woman she is today. Stephanie is the proud mother of four teenage children. She understands the impact of the rising costs of inflation, and lack of prevailing wage jobs is having on working and low income families.

Stephanie Fox

Sometimes to lead others, you have to walk in the shoes of those who feel despair. Before becoming a Globally Recognized Speaker and Expert on Domestic Violence , Stephanie was herself a victim of brutal domestic abuse. She found herself at the lowest point of her life, living in her car and not knowing where to turn. She found the help she needed, and has dedicated her life to working with victims and survivors. She has built collaborative initiatives and partnered with professionals in many disciplines to save lives and deliver hope.

Stephanie has overseen the building of a state of the art shelter, Stephanie has strategically managed, directed, and led prominent operations throughout her career and has developed a record of exemplary accomplishments. She is an Award Winning Advocate, and has led national policy efforts to advance the rights of survivors—providing expertise to members of the U.S. Congress and other agencies. She is frequently called to participate in local and national policy conversations around victims’ issues and to participate in advocacy campaigns.

Stephanie Fox

Let's Work Together for a Better Tomorrow.

Jobs and Economy


Civil Rights

Public Safety

Public Trust and Democracy

Seniors, Family and Children

Criminal Justice Reform

Stephanie Fox

Not one to rest on her accomplishments, Stephanie felt the desire to seek public office to put her talents to the service of helping to improve her community.

She served 2-terms on the Brentwood Council, and oversaw a revitalization of public projects and development that dramatically improved the lives of her constituents.

Stephanie is a lifelong resident of Allegheny County and is the proud mother of four teenage children. She understands the impact the rising of the costs of inflation, and lack of prevailing wage jobs is having on working and low income families.

With the announcement of the retirement of Congressman Mike Doyle, Stephanie decided to seek a greater challenge. She is running for the U.S. House to continue her distinguished career of service and advocacy. As a member of Congress, Stephanie will work everyday to make sure the people of her District are well represented. She will work tirelessly to improve the lives of families, strengthen businesses and bring hope to our Region for a better tomorrow.


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